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A continuing legacy since 1985

The original "Auto Works", Randy's Auto Works was started by my father Randy in 1985. The original shop was nothing more than the two car garage in our family home. His business and passion for cars continued to flourish until he opened his own brick and mortar shop in 1995. The shop remained until 2007 when economic hardship ruined the dream. In the short 12 years the shop was open Randy taught me everything there is to know about auto repair. 


Today I plan to continue the legacy with the opening of  the newest iteration of "Auto Works", Cody's Auto Works. I strive to serve my community and customers by providing the best auto shop experience possible. Proudly family owned and operated, Cody's is at your service. We have the  knowledge and skill set to keep your vehicle in its best condition while keeping the most money in your pocket. Stop in and let me personally show you the Cody's way. 

Vintage Car
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